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What are the main types of agricultural software solutions available?

What are the main types of agricultural software solutions available?

While there are no set categories for agricultural software, they can be generally grouped together based on the functions they provide. The following is a list of the general categories and what they do.

Farm Management system  Farm management systems are comprehensive systems that include functions from several categories including Crop or Livestock Management, Administration and Finance as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Crop Management system  Crop management systems are catered to the management of your crops which include fertilizer and water saturation, crop rotation, weather tracking, seeding and harvesting time, pest control, yield tracking and prediction.
Livestock Management system  Livestock management systems are designed to track feed data, genealogy, pasture management, animal tracking and even individual animal history.
Administration and Finance system  These systems are the most well-developed of all the usable systems as they are utilized in all industries to manage inventory, accounting and financial reports, workers, salaries and much more.
ERP systems  Enterprise Resource Planning systems provide a single location to store and retrieve data collected from a wide range of sources from crop conditions, personnel workloads and even farming activities.
Precision agriculture systemPrecision agriculture focuses on using predictive analytics and technology to optimize field performances while reducing chemical applications and irrigation.
Field Monitoring system  Field monitoring systems utilize a range of sensors, drones (UAVs) and even satellites to track weather, predict rainfall, determine soil composition, track crop development, identify weeds and estimate yields.
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