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Application of SAP in compact farming

Application of SAP in compact farming


• Reduce reliance on an irrigation system
• Improve mortality in compact space farming
• Reduced fertiliser runoff
• Cost-saving

How to apply polymer in compact space

Polybag planting is cost-saving and suitable for agriculture in limited space, and if planted with a vine-based crop, high-density planting and high yield is achievable.
Crops with monetisation potential that can be grown in compact space

• Chilli
• Roselle
• TCM Herbs
• Tomato
• Brinjal / Eggplant
• Okra
• Leafy Vegetables
• Long beans
• Cucumber
• Peas
• Loofah
• French Bean

Advantages of Polybag planting

• Ease of soil management
• Ease of fertilisation
• High Yield
• Not labour intensive but high productivity

Combination of polybag planting with agricultural polymers

• Agriculture polymers retain water and fertiliser in polybags
• Plants can get more water and nutrition
• Does not requires daily irrigation and frequent fertilising (depending on crop type)
• Setup is reusable across multiple crop type, but it is essential to ensure that the soil moisture/polybag soil mixture and moisture is suitable for said crop type
• Agriculture polymers reduce the crop mortality rate

How to blend soil mixture in poly bags



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