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Product Review : Takemura pH Meter

Product Review : Takemura pH Meter

Soil pH testing with Takemura pH meter

Soil pH and moisture testing have always been essential for farmers and most readily available testers are usually quite fragile or very expensive. On the other hand, lab testing is very accurate but only if the samples extracted are processed correctly. There is a long waiting period until the results are available due to the time taken for postage and lab testing.

To reduce the hassle of continually buying new pH testers or sending samples away for lab tests. A high-quality pH meter that is both affordable and reliable is needed.

We came across an analogue pH and moisture meter from japan that does not require any form of batteries but can provide accurate pH results and moisture reading.

Introducing Takemura pH meter DM 13 and DM 15

dm 15

The Takemura pH meters are manufactured in Japan using high-quality materials and standards. Capable of measuring both soil moisture and pH levels, the pH meters are very portable, durable, easy to use and do not require any batteries.
Both pH meters have the same functionality in measuring soil pH, but DM 15 comes with an additional function to measure soil moisture

3 Advantages of Takemura pH meters

  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Ease of use

How to use Takemura pH meter

dm 135

To check the soil pH, one only needs to insert the meter into the soil and wait for the indicator to stabilize before the reading is accurate. The average time to get a reading is approximately 20-30 secs, depending on the soil conditions.

In dry soil conditions, it might be necessary to wet the soil before the pH test to improve the conductivity of the probe.

If users wish to test the pH of compost, it will require an extended test period of up to 45 mins due to the subtle nature of the compost.
By taking the average pH of the soil through random sampling of the field, it will be easy to identify areas of low/high pH and allow for more accurate fertilizer and soil management for optimal performance/growth.

Measuring soil moisture is simple with DM 15, all one has to do is to press on the additional button on the pH meter and you will be able to read the soil moisture reading on the pH meter.

How does the analogue pH meter work?

The metal bands on the probe react to the acidity of the soil, generating a small electric current that causes the indicating needle to move. Analogue pH meters generally have an accuracy level between 0.1 to 0.01. Using portable pH meters like this reduces the need to get soil samples and reduces the risk of soil sample contamination during transfers to lab test.


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