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How technology help agriculture?

How technology help agriculture?

Farming is more than just planting crops. It requires constant monitoring of weather conditions, rainfall, soil nutrient levels, growth rates, pests and diseases for its daily operations. With current industry practice, the agricultural industry relies on both physical labour and machines for daily operations.

Though technology progression has improved software integration with farming practice, utilizing software technology has yet to be an integral part of farming activities. With software systems and data-collecting sensors/technologies, farmers will be able to benefit from improvements in the following areas:

• Farm Productivity and Efficiency

• Strategic Decision Making

• Cost Management

• Crop Nutrition and Disease Management

• Labour/Resource Management

• Planting Schedule & Yield Management

There is a wide range of software available on the market, but there is no “one size fits all” product. Software systems come in many variations, ranging from crop marketing, traceability and reporting, agronomical planning to accounting systems. It is vital to select software that can address existing business needs and operations with minimal bloat features to reduce system redundancies.

Technology can be used for actual farm operation to being an assistive technology. The usability spectrum is broad and can also include technology used in other industries.

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