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Shop Guidelines

Shop Guidelines

Our step by step guide below will help you get started selling your products

Once you have created your account,

  • Select view profile
  • On your profile page, click on ” Become a vendor”Screenshot 2021 09 30 171259
  • Refresh your page
  • Click on the profile button and select “shop dashboard”Screenshot 2021 09 30 171543
  • View Vendor knowledgebase for more information about the shop functions and its features

Vendo currently only send and receive payments via Paypal and stripe. To be a vendor. you will need to create a Paypal or stripe account to process your transactions. If your region is not covered by Paypal or Stripe, Contact us directly at [email protected] for more assistance

For more information on payment methods, you can refer to

Ad listings are advertisements for the products that a seller wishes to sell through direct offline transactions.

The shop function allows sellers to sell their products through the website via online transactions. 

Vendo suggestion

Ad listings are for users who have advertising needs that wish to transact offline or through their own websites.

Shop functions are for users who wish to establish their online presence and transact through Vendo.

Vendo’s shop platform charges 5% + 0.30 USD per transaction. The commission charges are calculated based on the total value of the cart.

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