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Finding quality cocoa bean online

Finding quality cocoa bean online

As the pandemic continues to cause disruption to travel plans, sourcing for quality cocoa beans is limited to internet searches and social media. Though the options for sourcing cocoa beans has been limited, it should not disrupt plans for businesses to seek out newer sources of beans. 

When you’re looking for cocoa beans, it’s important to do your homework. One of the most frustrating things about sourcing cocoa beans online is that there are many websites out there that retails inferior cocoa beans or beans of unknown origin as a premium option but the quality of the beans is far from quality. The background story of the cocoa beans might be helpful but having a nice story does not mean good quality.

There is not a foolproof way to avoid being a scam, but there are some pointers you can use when you engage with online retailers.

These are some pointers your can use when buying cocoa beans online

  • Origin of the cocoa beans and related certifications

  • Where is the cocoa beans being processed and packed. Often there are some certifications for specific countries or regions. This is all dependent on your preference on quality and taste as well as price.

  • Harvest season of the cocoa beans

  • Fermentation period

  • Taste profile of the cocoa bean

  • Profile of other chocolatier using the same cocoa bean

  • Rating & Reviews of the seller

It is advisable to purchase small batches of samples to test out the cocoa beans before you commit to bigger orders.

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