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Companies looking for Distributors

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Tres Links Pvt Ltd

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Product : Cinnamon Tea

Available Distribution Region:

 Spice Chest is created around providing the finest quality Ceylon spices to our customers. In ensuring this we take the effort to connect directly with the farmers and plantation owners in two folds. Primarily to ensure the plantations are well managed and meet the requirements set forth upon them in maintaining the highest quality.


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Maltras International (pvt) Ltd

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Product : Tea

Available Distribution Region:

Our company was founded as a small family business in 2001 and are proud to have witnessed it’s growth and development in the ensuing years. Our premium brand – TEALIA was introduced to satisfy the growing demand for the favourite beverage uplifting the quality and inherent characteristics of natural tea as well as with added flavours.



Merctee International

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Product : Tea & Spices

Available Distribution Region:

The diverse tea industry of Sri Lanka can be confusing for businesses to navigate. From planting to tea harvesting, production to packaging, each step requires meticulous care and expertise. At Merctee International, we are here to guide you through these steps to ensure that you received consistently high-quality products.


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Dechen Cultural Tours and Trekking Co

Country of Origin: Bhutan

Product : Cordyceps

Available Distribution Region:

All natural, organic Cordyceps from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan 

Cordyceps Sinensis is a unique and exotic mushroom that has been used for centuries to address and treat various health conditions and to maintain normal functions of all the body systems. It grows at an elevation between 14,500 feet and 17,000 feet, just meters below the snow line.

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