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Creating a good listing on Vendo

Creating a good listing on Vendo

A good listing is essential to get the attention of a potential buyer who will then enquire about the product. To capture their interest, one must present and show their products with simplicity and clarity.

The following pointers are

  1. Keep your content simple and clear
  2. Ensure that your pictures are clear and make a good representation of your products
  3. Have the essential information such as
    • Name
    • Location
    • Price Range
    • Shipping Zone
    • MOQ
  1. Each listing only requires the image and description of the product. Therefore, with the simplified format, users can accurately and correctly portray their product information.

Vendo Simplifies the information required for a listing.

As a seller, a premium listing will attract more buyers. Therefore, it is essential that listings are clear, provide relevant information and appeals to potential buyers. As Vendo is a classified site, interested buyers will contact the sellers directly to obtain additional information, get quotes and conduct transactions. While there is no standard format or required information for the product description or add a listing, we do recommend including the information outlined in point 3 above: 

Example listing

Astralis – Vendo Cacao Beans [Company name – Product name]Single Origin Cacao bean originated from Papua New Guinea. Rated as the top 10 cacao beans from the Asia Pacific region, Vendo Beans has claimed awards from various international competitions. Highly sought after by buyers worldwide, Vendo cacao beans are only produced twice a year under careful scrutinisation by its producers. Each process is tailored for the beans to create its unique flavour.Price: Cacao World Price + $1,000 (Excludes shipping)Ships to: worldwideMOQ: 15 Tonnes
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