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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Vendo’s accounts are intended to facilitate contact between buyers, sellers, traders and producers in food commodities.

These community guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Vendo.

Do note that your use of Vendo’s website is subject to Vendo’s community guidelines, terms and conditions.

Vendo is a food commodity trading site, so any non-relevant products/items will be removed.


Be honest, respectful and polite when dealing with fellow users


Only list on this website products that they have or own

Remove listing as soon as product stock has been sold.

Be aware of language differences, so be as clear and precise as possible when dealing with each other

Clarify any doubts before conducting any transactions

Ensure all valid documentation is in place before making payment

Vendo’s members are encouraged to give ratings and reviews of services provided through this website.

Any member not following the above guidelines may result in the deletion of listings or accounts being cancelled.

Any illegal activity will be reported to relevant law enforcement agencies.


 Enjoy Vendo

This is your community to outreach to fellow users and businesses. Share your products with the world and make money!

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